Creative. Innovative. Energetic.

Wooster, Ohio native and marketing professional Dennis Hange has a passion for his industry and the drive to succeed.

Whether working in a team or solo – Dennis brings a positive attitude and a strong work ethic to his endeavors in the marketing field. As someone gifted with technology use, Dennis has a particular interest in the social media and internet marketing niche – including marketing through platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube – along with the use of search engine marketing, pay-per-click advertising and e-mail marketing. His professional focus also includes on business-to-business marketing and brand management.

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Dennis brings three years of professional experience to the table, currently working as a territory sales manager for the Altria Group, the parent company of Philip Morris USA, John Middleton, Inc., United States Smokeless Tobacco, Inc., Philip Morris Capital Corporation and Chateau Ste. Michelle Wine Estates. From a Central Ohio location, Dennis administers a marketing and advertising program, which includes placing product in 120 stores accounting for about $10 million annually.

Through communications and relationship building with retail managers, Dennis helps develop and introduce business plans to promote a diversified product line. Additionally, Dennis works to educate retailers on how to promote products and assist owners on how to grow profitability and maintain a strong platform for their stores. Through his work with the Altria Group, Dennis has gained additional strategies on how to grow a particular brand or product line.

Prior to his work with the Altria Group, Dennis served as a marketing administrator for Mullet Cabinet Inc., a privately owned and operated high-dollar cabinet fabricating company based in Northeastern Ohio. At Mullet Cabinet, Dennis provided sales support and organized strategies – developing new business and guiding traffic to the cabinetry showroom. He also gained experience with product communications and TV commercial promotions. His promotional work included creating a strategic marketing budget, which consisted of orchestrating events such as corporate trade shows and cooking demonstrations, among other events.

Dennis is a 2008 graduate of Bowling Green State University, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree. Dennis also holds an Associate of Applied Science in Fine Woodworking from University of Rio Grande. Woodworking is an area he has a personal passion for, further utilized professionally through his work at Mullet Cabinet.

Dennis describes himself as self-taught in both personal and professional endeavors. In his spare time Dennis fosters that ongoing desire to learn by experimenting with new social media platforms and performing research related to the marketing field. As the field of social media is constantly changing, Dennis prides himself on staying updated on developing trends and their implications for the marketing industry.

As someone who cares not only about his employer – but also his teammates – Dennis helps drive others to success. Dennis likes to stay busy with his work and can prioritize assignments, and execute them in a timely fashion. Dennis enjoys networking with executives within his organization and as well as with professionals around Columbus.

Outside of his professional work, Dennis appreciates nature through mountain biking, running and other outdoor activities. He also likes to read and plays an active role through volunteering with local churches, particularly focusing on technology assistance and youth ministry.

As Dennis garners experience in the marketing field, he someday hopes to manage his own team – and to instill the same passion he holds in future marketing leaders.